There has been a lot of publicity about the Metaverse. Facebook rebranded itself as Meta! Zuckerberg said he sees the Metaverse as the future, though he was also careful to say that Facebook would not own it, that others would also build it.

What is the Metaverse? You make an…

The Web was born in 1989. It grew enormously and led to gargantuan firms like Facebook ($1 trillion cap), Google ($1.2 trillion), Amazon ($2 trillion), Apple ($2 trillion) and Microsoft ($2 trillion). No one today disputes the value of a website and a well chosen domain name. …

For Silicon Valley this is the problem. About 4 billion use the Internet, 3.7 billion do not. Some firms increased access via low orbiting satellites or high flying balloons carrying hotspots. Or they laid fiber. All these are worthy efforts for physical outreach to those who lack connections. …

Today a prominent domain seller Brannans is offering domains at the prices listed below. Next to these are the corresponding linkets and the prices we ask. We are 10 000 times cheaper! $90 000. Linket [1989] $15. $45 000. Linket [Samoan] $15. $1.2 million. Linket [Meme] $25.

Wes Boudville

Inventor. 21 US patents on smartphones. Founded for mobile brands for users. Linket competes against Twitch and YouTube. PhD physics.

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