A scammer on OK Cupid

Wes Boudville
4 min readDec 25, 2022

I am on OK Cupid and want to warn you of a scammer on that site. She calls herself Pam and says she is 35 and from Taiwan. It started with the email in Figure 0. She had an account on OK Cupid at the time, and she asked for my phone number so we could text each other.

Figure 0

She and I had 90% agreement on our interests, as found by OK Cupid. See Figures 1–4. Figure 1 shows the top of her profile page. She says she is from Taiwan, but appears caucasian. That in itself is not wrong. If you look at Figure 4, it shows my photo. I’m asian but have a French surname. Ok, my surname is not publicly shown on OK Cupid, but I’m telling it here.

Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3
Figure 4

She communicated with me and told her phone number in Figure 5. I checked on OK Cupid. Her account was no longer there. First flag of suspicion. Sometimes a scammer wants to quickly take the conversation away from OK Cupid. The site preserves the written stuff, whereas for text messaging, perhaps the phone vendor does too. But OK Cupid will respond to complaints from users about scammers pretty quickly.

Figure 5

We then exchanged text messages. I told her I was in Los Angeles. She said she was in Hartford CT. See Figure 6. It shows her background story. The tell is where she is not in Los Angeles. She picked a US place that is far from me. This is key. A scam is that she is far away and so we cannot just meet for drinks.



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