ChatGPT and internet access ?

Wes Boudville
1 min readMay 14

You all heard about ChatGPT by now. It showed a big advance in AI. But questions were asked. Like does it have Internet access. One answer was provided above by Kevin Pocock. He said No?? This is clearly wrong.

If you use it via the Web, the Web sites on top of the Internet. So using it means that ChatGPT has Internet access. So that a user can query it.

In technical language, ChatGPT gets input from stdin (standard in) and sends output to stdout (standard out). And stdin is connected to the Internet. And stdout sends output there.

What he means to say is that ChatGPT is trained on a corpus of data that is restricted, and that it does not include a live Internet connectiond as stdin. Now it turns out that the firm owning the program has expanded it. So that a user can input a file in PDT or Powerpoint or other common formats.

Wes Boudville

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