Defeat a sex predator in the Metaverse

Wes Boudville
4 min readApr 8, 2023

In an earlier article, “Fight sexual harassment in the Metaverse”, I described 2 ways to fight off a sex predator you meet in the Metaverse. But there is a third way that can be more effective. This is the leitmotif. Figure 1 shows an avatar in her underwear. Imagine that next to her is the dress that she will put on. But first…

Figure 1 Avatar in her underwear

We make a hyperlink from her bra to a punishment site. And we make another hyperlink, from her panties to that punishment site. Then she puts on her dress and walks thru a VR site.

Now suppose a Predator approaches her and gropes her. By this, we mean he puts his hand under her outer clothing and, eg, squeezes her breast. Since she wears a bra, this means he touches her bra. BAM! He is JUMPED (ZAPPED!) to the punishment site. Like when we use a normal browser and it shows a standard webpage with links to other webpages. We pick a link in the page and click it. This takes us to the webpage pointed to by the link.

Figure 2 — Predator molest female

In the current case, when the Predator touches a link that is associated with the bra, he is sent to the link’s destination, a punishment site. This is important enough that I filed a patent pending, Metaverse anti rape measures — part 2. It has the filing date 30 August 2022 and the serial number 17/803,559.

There are 3 advantages.

One. The Predator is immediately separated from the victim. She stays in the original site. He goes to the punishment site.

Two. The punishment site plays audio and video to him. Audio can be (eg) fingernails on a blackboard. Most people find this unnerving. Video can be of something repulsive. Psychologists have heavily studied this and can easily produce such images. The audio and video act as deterrent.

Three. We prevent the human running the Predator just pressing a Back button on his rig. The first site can have a blacklist that has the Internet address of the punishment site. The blacklist assumes that any user coming from the punishment site was sent there for good reason. And so the site blocks this attempted re-entry.



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