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Wes Boudville
2 min readMar 1, 2021
Figure 1 — iflirts.com

Last year I wrote a well read article Taxi Dancers of DateYou. That referred to a dating site dateYou.com, which was a complete scam. It had many photos of pretty women. If you’re a man and joined for free, initially, they would come on to you. You’d get messages from cuties in your home city, asking to chat. The catch was, to reply you had to buy “coins” in their artificial currency. It amounted to you paying $US1.00 to send a message on the site.

The girls would string you along. They would never meet you in person. Of course last year’s covid (which continues as I write this) made a perfect excuse at the time. The girls would also never give you their phone number or email address, so that you could contact them outside the site. They were paid employees of the site. Their task was to get you to spend $1 per message. They prey on lonely blokes. It is dangerously easy to spend $hundreds chatting with the girls.

They will never meet you.

Think about it. Electronic messaging is basically free. You can send email after email across the world on gmail, hotmail, yahoo. True for decades.

Now look at iflirts.com. See Figure 1. Iflirts.com is DateYou.com under a new domain. See Figure 2.

They are doing the same ripoff.

Figure 2 - DateYou.com



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