I dated the Matryoshka Dolls

Wes Boudville
3 min readMay 8, 2020

A set of Matryoshka ( матрёшка ) dolls are dolls of falling size that nest inside each other. Recently I was privileged to make the very limited acquaintance of girls on DateYou.com. This site is distinguished by you having to pay about $US1 to send a message to another person on the site. Their business model is to snare unwary and lonely guys with photos of pretty girls. The girls entice you with messaging. But they will never call you on the phone or meet you in person. The girls work for the site to keep you there.

Figure 1 — Matryoshka dolls

In an earlier article, Taxi Dancers of DateYou, I described this at some length. But after I wrote it, I started wondering. I expected that a real girl working for the site would run several personas. For a large city like LA, the personas would each have a different picture. But across the cities, would a photo be reused?

After several hours, I found several. Figure 2 shows Palma in Los Angeles and Mika in Glascow KY. Figure 3 shows Ernestina in LA and Amanda in Seattle. While Figure 4 shows Mercedes in LA and Delphine in Houston. But the prize was Figure 5, Brenda in LA, Jill in Chicago and Doreen in Albany.

Figure 2
Figure 3
Figure 4
Figure 5

Different cases are possible. One is that the same person runs the personas with the same photo, across the cities. But this might make for long days if she has to manage a persona in LA and one in NY, because of the 3 hour time difference, since she might be expected to be available during normal waking hours.

So another case is that when a photo gets duplicated across cities, a girl in LA, say, runs one photo while another girl in NY runs the other (same) photo.

Yet another case is freelancing, so to speak. A girl working for the site runs a persona in LA. But a new girl who does not work for the site comes along. She realises that she can copy the photo to another city and work that photo there, under a new name for the photo. She has no problem with enticing guys to interact with her offsite, at another site or by phone or even meeting in person. To some readers who have gone on DateYou, this case may be the sweetest. The site is getting exploited by others. :)

The girls are a 2 level Matryoshka. A fake persona as the outer shell, hiding a real person, presumably a girl. But it’s like a Turing test. Some female personas might actually be run by guys. If a (real) girl controls 2 personas in different cities, the Matryoshka generalises to a different geometry of 2 dolls at the top level, side by side. Each concealing a common person underneath.



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