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Wes Boudville
2 min readApr 18, 2021

Are you one of those who wants a crypto related domain? You cannot get, or or any others that you looked for. So you’re reduced to considered or

There is another way. You might already have a crypto website at some obscure domain. However, using the domain as your brand is not working out. But you can get one of these linkets below from us. You tell us to point it to your domain. Use the linket as your brand instead.

We are Linket. We offer linkets like those below for an affordable $15/year each. A linket is a way to bypass an expensive domain.

[Altcoin], [Altcoins],

[Binance], [Binance Coin],

[ Bitcoin Cash], [BCH],

[Bitcoin Wallet],

[Block Crypto],

[Cardano], [Chainlink],

[Coin Tracker],

[cryptocurrency], [Crypto Club],

[Crypto Miner], [Crypto Trading],

[Crypto News], [Crypto Wallet],


[Doge], [Dogecoin].


[ether], [Ethereum], [ETH],[ETC],


[litecoin], [ledger], [LTC],

[Monero], [XMR],


[NFT], [Non Fungible Token],

[Polkadot], [DOT],


[Smart Contract],


[Stellar], [XLM],

[Tether], [USDT],

[Tokens], [Token Sale],


See the Figure above. It shows 270 linkets we sold. In English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Malay, Urdu, Italian. You can go to this Demo page. It lists several of those linkets, connected to destination websites. Notice [Bitcoin], [Blockchain], [Crypto], owned by a business coach.

Interested? Ask me.

Dr Wes Boudville, Founder Linket,

Wes Boudville

Inventor. 23 granted US patents on AR/VR/Metaverse . Founded for mobile brands for users. Linket competes against Twitch and YouTube. PhD physics.

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